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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Diego's 1st Birthday

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In Kazuyo's family kimonos Posted by Picasa
Just the obi or sash is worth about $7,ooo (U.S.$). Posted by Picasa

In front of "hina ningyou"

March 3rd is "Hina Matsuri" or "Girl's Day" in Japan. These "hina ningyou" (traditional dolls) are exhibited for this day. Posted by Picasa
Our Japanese family; we love you! Posted by Picasa


A Japanese 1st birthday party tradition, the word "isshou" means "1.8 kilos of rice" as well as "whole life." So the baby must stand alone and carry the rice (or mochi) on his back. If he can do it, he will never want for food his whole life. Looks like Diego will be eating well! Posted by Picasa
Another Japanese tradition on the first birthday; items are put in front of the baby and the first one he reaches for tells his future. If he chooses the brush, he will be an artist, the calligraphy pen, a writer, the abacus, a merchant, the harmonica, a musician, money, he will be rich, and the ball means he will be an athlete... Posted by Picasa
He chose the 10,000 yen bill; he's going to be rich! Posted by Picasa
Stripes Posted by Picasa
Hai sai! Kyoko-san visits all the way from Okinawa. Posted by Picasa
Keepin' warm Posted by Picasa
Lovin' up Chuck Posted by Picasa
Meeting cousin Christopher and Shuko in Tokyo Posted by Picasa
A great stay with Jen; thanks for the hospitality! Posted by Picasa