Tortuga Rumba

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Kind nurses

Tomomi san a bilingual nurse (left) helped us all the 10 months, even on the day of the c-section. Thank you Tomomi.

Tomomi nos ayudo toda las distancia incluyendo el dia que naci. Gracias Tomomi. Posted by Picasa

Deep breath

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With Mom

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Diego's Day

Here we are, 3. Diego and Mom are doing great. He is eating plenty. Mom is on her feet and doing things on her own.

Somos 3. Comiendo mucho y sanito el chico. Posted by Picasa

Ay caramba

Get me out of this box. (huankuuki) Let's see if anyone can figure out what does it sound like?

Desde el momento que lo pusieron en la encubadora se queria salir. Posted by Picasa

With new aunties

Midori and Maru chan. Thanks to Midori, Papa could keep his cool. She is better than a angel.

Midori ha sido una gran ayuda. Gracias por acompanhar a Papa durante la cesarea. E
res mejor que un angel. Posted by Picasa

Sing me a lullaby

Before we decided on Diego we made sure he had a good hollering one. Try it.

Tia Brooke le gusta mucho la musica. Espero que algun dia me cante una cancion. Posted by Picasa

First Visits

Mom's co-worker Mrs. Noji and her family. She has been a great help at work and out of work. Arigatou gozaimazu.

La Sra. Noji es companhera de trabajo de mama. La acompanha su familia. Posted by Picasa

My new babysiter

So far the only guy who knows how to take care of Diego.

El experto de mi Tio si sabe cuidarme y viene av visitarme muy amenudo. Posted by Picasa

Future Spanish teacher

Hola, maestra me gusta sus colores.
I like your bright colors. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Chucky

When are we hitting those snowy woods?
Quiero que me lleves a la montanha. Posted by Picasa

TLC Southern Love

Hey, would you please let go my lego.

Las tias de Carolina del Sur y San Luis, Misuri, EEUU. Ya me prometieron un trago. Posted by Picasa