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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Long trip to Idaho

On our trip to the U.S. this past summer, we made a stop in Idaho to visit Aki and Marc ("Palito"), friends we met while they were working in Japan. Marc took us to the beautiful Sawtooth Mts. The idea was to share Marc's great passion-- rock climbing. Who would've thought that this crazy Panamanian would be climbing rocks in the middle of Idaho? Marc says I am natural, but he is a big liar. It was a great thrill, and I never thought that I would be faced with this new challenge. It's an overwhelming sensation when you feel that rock on your fingertips and have to lunge for the next ledge. However, it's sad when it all comes to an end, you reach the top and bow to the rock.

Where am I?

Groovn with my sista

This was one of the best moment in Japan. Teaching at these schools was the most rewarding, playful and unforgetable times ever. Thank you all at Tanihama Elementary. I will miss you.