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Saturday, November 18, 2006

9 months old Posted by Picasa
Aunt Julie comes for a visit. Posted by Picasa
Sightseeing in Tokyo Posted by Picasa
A wedding procession Posted by Picasa
Tori time 3 Posted by Picasa
So these guys are holding up a ladder with sticks... Posted by Picasa
...and this is the what the guy is doing on the top. Posted by Picasa
Japanese mother & daughter Posted by Picasa
Our 2 families meet Posted by Picasa
fall in Japan Posted by Picasa
tan caps Posted by Picasa
When children turn 3, 5 or 7 in Japan, they dress in traditional clothes and go to a shrine to be blessed.  Posted by Picasa
Boy at a shrine on "3-5-7 Day" Posted by Picasa
Yuki visits Posted by Picasa
The little piggy that had roast beef is definitely the best one. Posted by Picasa
variations on a theme Posted by Picasa
Trick or Treat! Posted by Picasa
Happy Halloween Posted by Picasa
Me and my breast friend Posted by Picasa
A kiss from Akemi Posted by Picasa